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About Hermosa

Hermosa is a high-end salon specializing in elite quality hair treatments. From lustrous colorization to restorative therapies, we offer all that’s needed to achieve bombshell tresses.

Our salon employs eco-friendly practices that enhance our planet’s beauty as much as that of our clients. We believe that true beauty can only be had when it’s created ethically, leaving our world a better place than it was before.

As a member of Green Circle Salons, we are committed to recycling as much as 95% of our waste materials. This promise keeps hundreds of pounds of debris and pollutants from entering waterways and landfills every year. Instead, this waste is converted into clean energy or new products with a lower carbon footprint.

Our Experience

The Hermosa family of stylists come from a background of extensive education and hands-on success. We’ve dedicated years of our lives to helping our clients capture their inner beauty and show it to all the world.

Core Values

Here at Hermosa, our work is shaped by a set of core values. Keeping this creed empowers us to serve you to the best of our ability, and ensure that we have a positive impact in all that we do.



Your beauty is worth celebrating. We help you put it in the spotlight.



Minimizing harm to our environment is our primary goal. We want our world to flourish.


Higher Purpose

Beauty is deeper than the surface. We strive to create it in every part of life.


True Connection

We listen, appreciate, and understand. Our friendship begins the moment you walk in.

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